Gregg Gillaspy, CPA, CFP®
Director of Tax

Gregg is a 32 year veteran of the tax and financial services business, having started his career with Arthur Andersen’s tax department in St. Louis, MO before establishing his own CPA firm in 1992.  He sold his firm in 2006 and gained valuable exposure to private accounting for ten years.  In 2016, capitalizing on what he does best, Gregg began providing tax preparation services and a deep level of tax planning to wealth management firms across the country. Gregg joined AlphaTrust in 2020 as Director of Tax.

Gregg has the distinction of receiving a certification in two professions, Accounting and Financial Planning.  He is one of the few professionals who has received a CPA designation without having an accounting degree.  Rather, Gregg received a bachelors in Finance and Banking from the University of Missouri. Gregg serves as both a tax preparer and tax advisor, with a focus on tax reduction through proper planning. Leaning on his experience as both a Certified Financial Planner® and Certified Public Accountant, Gregg works closely with AlphaTrust’s investment advisors to help structure client portfolios in the most tax efficient way possible. He can also advise on starting a business, selling a business and everything in between.

Gregg and his wife Nancy have four boys, one grandson and finally two granddaughters! Gregg has been involved in most all sports, completed a 100-mile triathlon and coached baseball, basketball and football teams his sons have been on.  He also enjoys military “stuff” and anything that flies.  His father was a Navy fighter pilot and owned a small airplane which Gregg grew up flying in.

Gregg is not licensed to provide securities or offer investment advice. Securities and investment advice are offered by other licensed individuals at AlphaTrust Advisors.