A lot of thought went into our name -- AlphaTrust Advisors. But you might be asking yourself what exactly does it mean? AlphaTrust is a compound word, combining Alpha and Trust, which are two crucial components of our business and everything we stand for. 


When people hear the word Alpha, they may think of an animal who possesses a high rank in a dominance hierarchy or someone who is powerful and assertive. While this is one accurate definition, our use of Alpha, not surprisingly, stems from the world of finance. In the world of numbers, Alpha, along with the greek letter α, are used to describe how much value a manager adds to an investment portfolio’s return.

Investopedia defines Alpha as follows:

"Alpha" (the Greek letter α) is a term used in investing to describe a strategy's ability to beat the market, or it's "edge."

At AlphaTrust Advisors, we use Alpha’s definition more broadly as we strive to deliver Alpha to our customers in more areas than just their portfolio returns. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value in all areas of our relationship with our clients, whether that be their investment portfolio, tax return, insurance or estate plan. Our Total Financial Management™ process is rooted in the delivery of Alpha in every aspect of our clients’ financial life.


The word Trust is equally important as it serves as the foundation of every client relationship. The wealth that you’ve accumulated, or are continuing to accumulate, needs to last you and your family the rest of your lives. Further, you may have a desire to leave a legacy beyond your lifetime. When you ask us to advise you on your financial affairs and manage your wealth, you are putting an incredible amount of trust in us. Certainly you’re relying on our knowledge and skill, but more than anything you’re relying on our integrity. We are proud and deeply honored by the trust our clients place in us.